An Indiana architecture and engineering firm is ready to complete the mission of Indiana University East

MSKTD and Associates, Inc. is a local Indiana firm with roots in Richmond. 12 years ago, IUE’s Springwood Hall became reality when IU selected MSKTD to perform the architecture and engineering for a new facility to collectively house many student oriented spaces on campus. Recently the current and forward thinking Chancellor of IUEast, Mr. Nassar Paydar wanted to expand those same student oriented spaces with a new Health and Wellness Center on campus. Due to State of Indiana funding issues, that new building may become an expansion to the original Springwood Hall. Discussions on the local news papers have lead to some misunderstandings about the intent of the project. MSKTD is prepared to support IU with the design and expertise needed to evaluate all of the options. We expect that preliminary planning process to be complete in the Spring of 2011. More information is available on