Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo

Australian Adventure


A walk through The Outback at the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo will delight visitors with its new village setting, new interactive exhibits and attractions.  With the completion of the final phase of a $7.0 mil renovation to the Australian Adventure area of the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo – No. 7 on TripAdvisor’s Travelers Choice Best Zoos in the U.S., enhancements have included:


  • Visitor amenities – restrooms, renovated plaza and patio areas with expanded dining options and improvements to the train station. (Phase I – 2014)
  • The Reef, the renovated aquatic exhibit that depicts Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, features a 17,000 gallon saltwater tank, and 50,000 gallon shark tank. (Phase 2 – 2015)
  • New Stingray Bay exhibit, features a 20,000 gallon tank filled with stingrays, offering visitors up-close opportunities to view and touch. (Phase 2 – 2015)
  • Outback Springs, a shallow creek flowing through the middle of the OB, that encourages young kids and their parents to play in the water. (Phase 3 – 2016)
  • New reptile house. (Phase 3 – 2016)
  • New walk-thru aviary and two new bird exhibits. (Phase 3 – 2016)
  • Crocodile Creek Adventure Ride  an updated log ride. (Phase 3 – 2016)
  • New exhibit for the Tasmanian devils, opening late summer. (Phase 3 – 2016)