Marion General Hospital Helistop

Marion, Indiana


Marion General Hospital’s new Helistop provides Emergency Service Helicopters direct patient access to the Hospital and Emergency Department facilities. The complex urban site conditions necessitated a facility that provided a raised landing deck with immediate bridge access to the hospital, minimizing time for patient transportation, staff, cost and enhancing safety and care. The facility minimizes patient transportation and staff while providing enhanced safety and care for each patient.


The raised Helistop deck was designed for the Dauphin and BK-117 aircraft, currently the standard for Emergency Helicopters. The project included coordination with the Federal Aviation Administration for aircraft flight paths and building standards. The facility includes all safety markings, lighting and wind instruments, safety screens, and enhanced systems for ice melt.


The Helistop deck includes a 90’ steel span Bridge which provides direct access to the Hospital Corridor and North Elevator bank. The raised Helistop structure includes a Ground Level Garage for four Ambulance Vehicles. Also, within the Garage is equipment for Emergency Hazmat needs.