Reid Health

Pediatrics MOB

Richmond, Indiana


Ever since Reid Health opened its new hospital in 2008, it continues to modify facilities to improve patient care and convenience while delivering healthcare more efficiently.  Such is the case with the new home of the Pediatric and Internal Medicine practice.  This project involved a complete renovation of the existing 9,500 SF facility and a new 6,000 SF addition.  Reid implemented a new Pod system where each physician team (Physician, NP, nurses, staff, etc.) and their spaces (clinical and office) are grouped together for improved communication and efficiency.   Traditional building layout places all the physicians together, the nurses together, etc.  This new pod layout is receiving glowing remarks from patients and staff alike.  The facility features:

  • 4 pods (6 exam rooms ea.)
  • 8 specialty providers
  • Dedicated lab and blood draw
  • Injections room