St. Joseph Hospital

Surgery Department Renovation

Fort Wayne, Indiana


Planned interior renovation of the existing Surgery Department at St Joseph Hospital in Fort Wayne, currently in design. The existing department includes 9 Operating rooms and is 17,700 Sq. ft. The department is functionally outdated and the sizes and layouts of the operating rooms, prep and recovery areas do not meet current codes or guidelines and do not operate efficiently.


The proposed redesigned department includes 6 Operating rooms, one Procedure Room, an 11 bed pre/post department, a 6 bed PACU department and associated support areas. The new department also houses a new Sterile Supply/Processing area. Portions of the renovated department grow into the adjacent vacant area which was the former endoscopy department.


The project includes an alternate to relocate the existing ICU/Surgery Waiting and Soiled Processing areas. These areas switch locations for improved flow and access. This will allow the corridor accessing the surgery department to become Staff-Only and prevent patients being transferred between the ICU and Surgery Departments from visibility from the waiting room.